4 años ya y mi creciente pasión por las iOOs. 

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Good morning.

Today I wanted to tell you about my personal passion for iOO sandals, even if I could seem repetitive or falling into pedantry. Sandals, Yes, sandals because although they carry esparto, I do not consider them espadrille, but not caused by any reason about this charming traditional espadrille, but because I wanted to differentiate it from them, adding innovation and design, and also extending their use to the office, special occasions and weddings !

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iOO IBIZA. Art by Raquel García para iOO

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3 alturas en cuñas: 9, 10 y 11,5 cm

We very much love the Esparto or jute, that’s why we have incorporated it into our designs. It is a coarse material, light and fresh for the summer and, in additionally and mainly, handmade in Spain.

As you can see, I have a predilection for what is done by hand, so in iOO, we also add our designs and even more “handmade and in Spain”, because the iOOs are hand made in our workshop located in the around of Madrid.

Therefore, our main signs of identity are: on the one hand, exclusive models and designs iOO, in their many different styles; And, on the other, what we want to emphasize here today, that is the subjection with toe.

These two characteristics make our iOOs distinguish themselves from all others. And is that the grip of the finger was passionate from the beginning, but it is now, after 4 years, that we can say why and enumerate their many and valuable reasons for that!!


Here we want to list all these powerful reasons and highlight here, that made so special iOOs for us:

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iOO JOYA. Colaboración con Marinaro Joyas Únicas

  1. It is minimalist and in iOO we like simplicity.
  2. It is modern, innovative and very chic, combined with the maxi wedge, making it much more stylish and in iOO we like style.
  3. It is comfortable and reliable and at iOO we like comfort and naturalness.

I have a thin foot, so I found it very difficult to get sandals that fit well. Moreover, after a few days of use, the strip in fingers gave way and made me lose my sandals, despite the effort as impotent as futile, my fingers compressed in an attempt to keep the shoes on them unsuccessfully. On the other hand, with the strap on the toe, introduced with iOOs, even if the skin get bigger (about 2-3 mm) you do not lose your shoe, because it does´nt loose its function, so that the foot relaxes feeling safe and holded and this adds Naturalness to our walking.

  1. The iOOs are tailored to your foot and in iOO we like exclusivity.

Not all feet are the same and we take into account those differences, so it will be perfectly adjusted to your feet feeling secured, we will not repeat the same all the time … But your shoe will not move or loose, so does not need any additional support in the heel and It is so confortable Not having need to tie your  sandals any more .

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  1. Also it aesthetically enhance the natural beauty of the foot, and in iOO we like the natural beauty. Although it may not seem like it, leaving an almost naked foot in view, but because it does not have straps from one side to the other, it does not leave any mark that could emphasize any defects, nor does it cause chafing or harshness or undesirable deviations Of fingers trapped or strangled between the straps … no, no, no, no.
  1. Finally, and the aim of that post, I discovered that it also has a therapeutic character !!!!, yes, yes … and now you will tell me … Come on! .it is enough!!.. But I would not tell you this, if I had not checked it myself. The one finger system causes the foot to be freer. The foot and the fingers relax and without having ties, nor compression, do not deviate the fingers, avoiding to cause undesirable deformations in fingers and bunion.

I do not try to convince you, but we want to be consistent and fair with our product. I only say what I think is my true and because being his most fervent fan and user since the beginning, I have really checked it, without having a preconceived idea of ​​all this “a priori” and I can invite you to try it.

I could tell you very interesting anecdotes that happened with some of my most beloved clients (someday I will do it). But, today I will stick to my own experience, going deeper into this interesting characteristic, I repeat, therapeutic of the holding of the finger. But please stop thinking that, at this point, I have lost my head…

Have you seen the methods of correction of bunions, in silicone, which are advertised on websites, etc. I believe in its effectiveness, because those pieces of silicone that are used with your usual footwear, help to correct the deformation of the bunion using it every day, so you have to be constant. So I did, but when one of these pieces broke I  threw it away, because I realized that they had the same effect as our iOOs, so I started to abuse using iOO all day long, an this, you know, does not take any effort to me…

Therefore, I can assure you that, after 4 years, using iOOs, every day, in summer and in winter, I can tell you that my bunions have been corrected enough. They have not disappeared, no, but they do not mark the bone so much, it has diminished its prominence and it has lost the redness that was already beginning to be noticed

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Of course I do not have any medical or therapeutic evidence to illustrate the relationship this has with the use of iOOs, regardless of the similarity I might have with the silicone contraption I have talked to you about, as well as my own deductions and experience , Reasons more than enough for me, to feed even more, if possible, my more than obvious passion for the iOOs.

Thanks for reading.

Emi Tasis


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