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Hello everybody !

We launch our blog and is a very special moment for Ioo By Emi Tasis . We put a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in this project , to get capture your interest with our ideas and original and exclusive designs .


In this blog , we will not only present ideas and designs By Emi Tasis Ioo but those proposals show that we like, we think that favor and get this bohemian -chic style that we love. Ioo represents : personality , boldness , originality , naturalness and quality. But , also , want to be Ioo % Spanish . In these difficult times , we want to bring joy , optimism and all the talent we can. Ioo Ideas and hundreds of possibilities to create and recreate with different ideas to provide the FRESH AIR able to renew our view of fashion , providing a different perspective.

Not follow trends , if not we will play to anticipate them . In Ioo think styling trends are directed and taxes that stifle the personality and personal style of each …. We want to get the style that is in you . The ” I o” I , and ” or” offer original and new to surprise you , but will always aesthetic canons and style. Our fashion is going to be , simple , comfortable , elegant , sexy and sensual , very feminine and flattering . If we still find tips , suggestions , ideas, designs for the modern woman . In Ioo like you want to get yourself in the mirror and to cross the zebra crossing highlights from the crowd , especially , for that your own personal style .


In Ioo , not only will design us , we also want you to buck up , bringing your own proposals. Your ideas, your dreams, and we will draw reality here . Our designs are mere inspiration for you to define your own garment , combining colors and textures asymmetries . We craftsmanship for you Ioo % domestic materials , selected especially for you . We want the marques trend you, choosing what you like and suits you. A personal selection of clothing and timeless objects that will want to join us forever, because they are part of our distinction and personality.


We are pleased to present a brand fresh , optimistic , happy and fun … Born to surprise … if you like … we are very pleased to achieve our goal …. So , I encourage you to reveal trends , let in fresh air and get out the style in you . That is Ioo .


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